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Fhlb Funding Agreements

Funding agreements between the Federal Home Loan Banks (FHLB) and its members are an essential part of the housing finance market. These agreements allow FHLB members access to low-cost funding and provide the FHLB with a stable source of funds to support its mission of promoting housing and community development. In this article, we will explore the basics of FHLB funding agreements and their significance in the housing finance industry.

What is an FHLB funding agreement?

An FHLB funding agreement is a contract between an FHLB and one of its members, usually a financial institution such as a bank or credit union. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the funding provided by the FHLB, including the interest rate and payment schedule. In return, the member pledges collateral to secure the loan and agrees to use the funds for specific purposes such as funding mortgage loans or community development projects.

Why are FHLB funding agreements important?

FHLB funding agreements are important for several reasons:

1. Access to low-cost funding: FHLB funding allows members to access funding at rates that are typically lower than what they would pay on the open market. This, in turn, allows them to offer lower-interest loans to their customers and members.

2. Stable source of funds: Because the FHLB is a government-sponsored enterprise, it has access to a stable source of funding, which it uses to provide funding to its members. This stability is important to both members and the housing finance market as a whole.

3. Promotes community development: FHLB funding agreements are often used to fund community development projects that benefit low- and moderate-income households. This includes projects such as affordable housing, community centers, and small business development.

How do FHLB funding agreements work?

FHLB funding agreements work by providing a member with access to funds from the FHLB. The member provides collateral to secure the loan, which is typically in the form of mortgage loans or other assets. The FHLB sets the interest rate and payment schedule for the loan, and the member agrees to use the funds for specific purposes.

In addition to funding agreements, FHLBs also offer other types of financial services to their members, including letters of credit, cash management services, and interest rate swaps.


FHLB funding agreements are an important part of the housing finance market, providing members with access to low-cost funding and promoting community development. These agreements are beneficial to both members and the FHLB, allowing the FHLB to fulfill its mission of providing affordable housing and supporting community development. As the housing finance industry continues to evolve, FHLB funding agreements will remain a critical component of the overall landscape.

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